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2022 Fall Fund Drive

Thanks to the increasing number of sustaining donors and online contributors throughout the year - the 2022 Fall Fund Drive was shortened by two full days. Please consider becoming a monthly sustaining donor or make a one-time online gift today so that we may continue to offer more uninterrupted programming.

Become a sustaining donor or make a one-time gift today and be entered in both grand prize drawings. Current sustaining donors are automatically entered to win!
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As we head into the fall mid-term election season in this incredibly consequential year, the news reminds us every day how much hinges on decisions voters will make in November.

Our democracy faces major tests and challenges at a time when our civic culture is often filled with noise, confusion, and division. That’s why journalism with the clarity, context, and substance that NPR & Radio IQ offer daily is such an urgent necessity this year.

The economy, abortion rights, civil rights, climate change, COVID-19, social justice, health care, education, housing, gun safety – our daunting civic to-do list requires we find ways to come together around realistic solutions to issues that have been neglected for too long.

Everyone across the Radio IQ coverage area needs access to trustworthy news coverage, reliable information, and thoughtful discussions to build common ground for people and communities.

That’s why Radio IQ is guided every day by our mission of public service – our fierce belief in the power of public media to be a strong, continuing force for public good.

That’s why Radio IQ focuses on real issues, amplifies real voices, provides real context, and moves civic conversations towards real answers. It’s our mission!

NPR’s Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Weekend Edition report to you every day with clarity, insight, and substance. Extended, thoughtful conversations on 1A, Fresh Air, Here & Now, and PRI’s The World inspire fresh thinking and spark your own ideas.

When the weekend arrives, Radio IQ is ready with the unique storytelling of Radiolab, The Moth, Snap Judgment, and This American Life... the wit and wisdom of Wait Wait... Don’t Tell Me!, the regional flavor of Inside Appalachia and the insightful conversations on The New Yorker Radio Hour.

It comes down to this: Radio IQ’s reporting is essential, urgently needed, and irreplaceable. And THIS: Every headline, story, and program you count on from NPR & Radio IQ is powered by the support of members like you!

Together – your strong support, our hard work – we deliver vital, trusted news coverage every day. Together, we inform and inspire Virginia and beyond.

Please take a minute today to inform and inspire with your generous gift!

With gratitude and appreciation for all your support.