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The WVTF Public Radio Friends Council

WVTF Public Radio is owned by the Virginia Tech Foundation and operated by Virginia Tech.

WVTF’s mission is “to produce and acquire programming and services of value, reflecting the culture, events, issues, and ideas of our region and the world, and to combine them into an evolving communications service of the highest quality for the people of Virginia and its bordering community.”

The purpose of the WVTF / Radio IQ Friends Council is to help its public radio services remain a strong and valuable resource for our large and diverse community. The Council is all-volunteer advisory group of 14 to 16 people, with representation from WVTF’s listening area across the Commonwealth. We strive for a diverse membership. Council meetings are held at minimum twice each calendar year with additional meetings as needed. All meetings are open to the public for observation and comment as appropriate. Meetings are currently held virtually; future meetings may offer opportunities for both in-person and virtual attendance.

The Council is solely an advisory body with no authority or control over WVTF’s programming, daily management or operations. Such control is provided exclusively through WVTF’s licensee, the Virginia Tech Foundation, and the written management agreement it has with Virginia Tech. As stated by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Council’s purpose is to provide a vehicle for effective community input to the station's management on station programming and community service, including the potential impact of major policy decisions by the station.

The Council receives updates from staff regarding station programming, audience, fundraising efforts, projects, and policies. In turn, the Council provides feedback and recommendations for how the station can better serve its stakeholders. The Friends Council:

  • Reviews WVTF’s programming and community services and offers ideas and suggestions.
  • Assists staff in strengthening community relationships and partnerships.
  • Advises station management on strategic decisions.
  • Actively advocates for WVTF in regional communities and participates in community engagement activities.
  • Assists in fund raising efforts as needed to help the station remain financially strong.
  • Applicants for membership are screened and selected by current Council membership. Members serve a three-year term and may serve one additional three-year term before rotating off for a minimum of one year.

Minutes from past Friends Council meetings: