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Tax season is looming. It will be the first year taxpayers get the full picture of how Trump’s tax cuts affect them. But some families may be surprised by an unintended consequence: higher state income taxes.

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The minimum wage in Virginia is $7.25 an hour.  And, that’s not about to change anytime soon thanks to a party line vote.

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With the government shutdown in its second month, the pain is starting to be felt more by federal workers and people who rely on government services. The Commonwealth’s lawmakers remain divided on how to get the government's lights back on.

Access to firearms remains one of the hottest issues in Richmond. But the tone of the debate this year -- an election year -- is taking a dramatic turn.

The Hands-on Effort to Save Richmond's Evergreen Cemetery

22 hours ago
Pamela D'Angelo

Martin Luther King Day is a national day of service and for the past few years volunteers have worked alongside the descendants of those buried in a neglected historical African American Cemetery in Richmond to restore it to its former glory.