Eduardo Montes-Bradley

The Virginia Film Festival is presenting fifty movies this year – among them, more than a dozen documentaries.  Most were made by a group -- people who do research, write, interview, compose music, create graphics, shoot and edit, but one award-winning documentarian does it all.

AP Photo / Steve Helber

The race for president will be at the top of the ticket this year. But the race just underneath that will be the election for United States Senator.

Lawmakers are mostly done with their special session, although they left some business unfinished.

COVID-19 cases in the Richmond area have been trending higher over the past few weeks.

And the city’s health director says it’s time for all of us to renew our personal responsibility, no matter how tired we are of COVID-19 precautions.

Joe Fab

Diane Rehm was a popular talk show host on NPR when she retired in 2016.  Now in her early 80’s, she’s still working – producing a podcast, a blog, a book and a documentary about physician-assisted death. It’s part of the Virginia Film Festival .