Opera celebrates the human voice in song, so it might seem like a contradiction to stage an opera for people who can’t hear.  In fact, that’s what Charlottesville’s Victory Hall Opera intends to do tonight (February 27).

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Republicans and Democrats are often at each other’s throats at the Capitol. But there is one issue where they are finding agreement: fighting exploitation of seniors.

The new Democratic majorities in the House and Senate are moving forward with a long list of gun control bills.

And the votes are not as party-line as you might imagine. 

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A bill to prevent companies from marketing soy milk and almond milk as “milk” is headed to the Senate floor.

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Here’s an update on a series of stories RADIOIQ aired back in December about a shortage of clerks in Virginia’s district courts. The judicial branch was asking lawmakers for more money, warning that staffing levels were at a crisis point.