Bounty Hunter Claims Morgan Harrington's Killer Linked to Kidnapping

Mar 5, 2013

The blogosphere is buzzing again about the Morgan Harrington case after a Pennsylvania man claimed he might have evidence linking her murder to the disappearance of a young woman in his state.  Police say they have not made a connection, but Harrington’s parents are still hopeful.

For more than three years, police have been searching for the man who killed the Roanoke native, who had come to Charlottesville for a rock concert and disappeared.  Monday, Morgan Harrington’s mother opened her e-mail to find a TV news story from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  A local bounty hunter had been circulating a sketch of the man believed to have killed Morgan Harrington.

Kortne Stouffer

The bounty hunter, who was not identified in the story, reportedly believes the suspect may be responsible for the disappearance of at least four young women from Virginia, North Carolina and Palmyra, Pennsylvania – where 21-year-old Korte Stouffer, shown in the TV story, disappeared last summer.

But Gil Harrington admits there may be no connection, and Virginia State Police say evidence only links Morgan’s case to that of a Northern Virginia woman who was not a blonde.

There is now a $150,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Harrington’s killer and a $40,000 reward for help in finding Kortne Stouffer.