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Ear Hustle Enters A New Chapter

Ear Hustle was the very first podcast created and produced in a U.S. penitentiary. Since 2017, it’s showcased the daily realities of life inside San Quentin State Prison in California. Eight seasons later, it’s still going strong.

Earlonne Woods is the show’s co-host, co-creator, and co-producer.

In 1999, he was sentenced to 31 years to life in prison. In November 2018, his sentence was commuted after 21 years served. He is now the podcast’s full-time producer.

Nigel Poor is a visual artist and photography professor at California State University in Sacramento. She helped to create, co-host, and co-produce the now legendary podcast.

They are co-authors of the new book “This Is Ear Hustle: Unflinching Stories of Everyday Prison Life.”

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