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‘Southern Belle Insults’ with Keke Palmer And Jasmine Guillory

Actress Keke Palmer is known for films like “Akeelah and the Bee” and “Hustlers.” She’s also an award-winning TV host and recording artist. 

And if you follow Keke Palmer on social media, you’re probably familiar with her alter ego, Lady Miss Jacqueline, and her southern belle insults.

Now, the character is being brought to life as a part of a short story collection by Palmer and writer Jasmine Guillory, author of the best-selling romance novels “The Wedding Date” and “The Proposal.” 

The collection, aptly titled “Southern Belle Insults,” is out Nov. 9 on Amazon’s digital story platforms.The stories are full of fun, shade, and wit, but also cover deeper themes like confidence and self-love. 

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