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Introducing Vibhuti Jain, 'Our Best Intentions,' and the 1A Book Club

The inspiration for her debut novel came from a conversation with an Uber driver.
The inspiration for her debut novel came from a conversation with an Uber driver.

At 1A, we love books and we love talking about books, especially with you, our listeners. So it seems only natural that 1A is launching a book club.

The 1A Book Club will feature debut novels that merit our attention. Our picks will foster conversation about connections between the lives of characters and our own. We’ll talk to authors and to you.

First up: “Our Best Intentions” by Vibhuti Jain.

Jen Doll reviewed the book for The New York Times:

In her debut novel, “Our Best Intentions,” Vibhuti Jain uses a crime in an affluent Westchester suburb to reveal how views of right and wrong are shaded by privilege, status, color, and, of course, money. Whose intentions are best, and for whom, exactly?

Kirkus Reviews summarized the book:

Coming-of-age drama meets suburban thriller in a debut novel driven by the question: What happens when people’s best intentions threaten to cause more harm than good?

To launch The 1A Book Club, we introduce our first pick by talking to its author, Vibhuti Jain.

We’ll have another conversation soon about the book featuring readers and their questions. We’ll send a select few listeners a copy of “Our Best Intentions” and invite them onto our live program, scheduled for late May.

Join us on Goodreads, where we’ll be chatting about the book online as we read.

And if you enjoy talking books and want to participate, send us a voice recording telling us about why you love reading and discussing books. Email us at 1a@wamu.org with the subject line “book club” or you can leave us a message using our app, 1A Vox Pop.

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