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Salvage Dawgs Season 4 Debuts


The reality TV show “Salvage Dawgs” begins its fourth season on cable Sunday night, airing on the DIY network.  The show is centered on the architectural salvage operations of the guys from Black Dog Salvage.  Their Roanoke store is a mecca of all things vintage and upcycled.

Black Dog Salvage sells refurbished goods; everything from mantels and doors to vintage plumbing and lighting. Robert Kulp, the co-owner, and the rest of his crew are in the middle of filming season 5, which will introduce some of the show’s most exciting repurposing projects.

“The most interesting thing we’ve got coming this season- I think- is an amusement park, and we’ll kind of leave it at that.”

Kulp doesn’t want to give away too many details about the upcoming seasons, but he does offer this much.

“There’s all sorts of new locations that we’re salvaging this year. We’ve got some fun things coming up on the show. Grayson, Ted and Tay are interviewed now. There’s a good portion of the show where we’re sitting in our house next door and they’re asking us questions about how the projects went. We’ve introduced some new players in that.”

Kulp says increasing popularity of the show is reflected in sales at the store.

“On any given weekend, we get at least a thousand people through the store- which is a lot for us. Our parking lot is full. We’re going to have to expand that a bit. We realize that the television show can’t go on forever and we certainly wouldn’t want to do it forever, but it looks like there will be quite a bit more to come from the feedback we get from the network and from our fans across the country.”

Fans of the show from as far away as Europe and Africa have traveled to visit the store. Black Dog Salvage has even partnered with some local hotels for travel packages.