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Chesterfield and Loudoun Counties Have Some of the Fastest Growing Job Numbers in America

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Virginia is home to some of the fastest growing job centers in the country, according to new data from the federal government.

Loudoun County and Chesterfield County have some of the fastest growing employment numbers in the county, according to new numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Loudoun ranks third in the country for percentage increase in employment — an astonishing 6.3 percent growth. Loudoun economist Doug Kinney says the boost is from business and professional jobs like consulting engineers and architects who are working on several large-scale construct ion projects. 

“And we saw the increase in the number of those jobs in the county was almost twice the overall increase in the number of jobs."

Chesterfield County’s employment grew 6 percent last year. Director of economic development Garrett Hart says part of that growth was due to the food sector. 

“We saw Maruchan Noodles, who makes the Raman noodles everybody eats when they’re in college. We saw them expand almost four times during the recessionary period. We landed Sabra Humus during that period and they expanded three times during that time."

Overall employment increased in 308 of the 342 largest counties in the United States last year, a time when the average weekly wage increased 4.4 percent.

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