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Week Four at the General Assembly: No New Bills, Voting Rights Debate

Associated Press

Each week during Virginia's General Assembly we get a quick debrief on the action from reporter Michael Pope. This week was as busy one, as this year's session reached its halfway point and members of the House of Delegates and Senate took time to polish legislation. 

RadioIQ host Luke Church gets an update from reporter Michael Pope.

Interview Rundown:

This year’s General Assembly session is more than halfway over, which means...it’s crunch time. Lawmakers spent the week finalizing all bills in the House of Delegates and Senate, preparing to send them to the other side for votes.

This means there won’t be any new bills emerging this session.

Michael Pope predicts Governor Terry McAuliffe will be wielding his veto pen:

“For example, the Republicans have passed legislation to defund abortion clinics, to crack down on sanctuary cities, to have public funding go to private schools, to require photo IDs for absentee ballots. These are all things the Governor is likely to veto before the end of this session.”

Also: Who gets to vote? The felon voting rights restoration conversation resumed on the Senate floor this week in a fairly emotional debate.  

Luke Church
Luke Church hosts Roots Down on WVTF Music.