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Republicans Griffith and Goodlatte Reclaim 9th and 6th Districts

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In the 6th Congressional District, Bob Goodlatte beat Libertarian Will Hammer and Independent Green candidate Elaine Hildebrandt to win a 12th term. The Democrats did not field a candidate in this race.

In the 9th Congressional District, in southwest Virginia, Republican Morgan Griffith bested Independent William Carr to win a third term and the Democrats did not field a candidate in this race either.

Morgan Griffith had good reason to look relaxed as he met voters in Radford a few hours before the polls closed.

With no democratic opponent, he was well on his way to his third term in congress aided, he said, by an unpopular president and a lot of upset voters.

People have been talking about the issues that most people care about – jobs, Obamacare and how that affects jobs, and overregulation – not just of the coal industry, but of many industries – farmers, et cetera. And so people are very concerned, they believe the country is going in the wrong direction. Question is, do those people show up at the polls today?”

And show up they did, giving Griffith about 73 percent of the vote, continuing to build the ninth district’s reputation as a safe Republican seat. Incumbent Republican Bob Goodlatte also celebrated in the sixth.

The news organizations have called the sixth district race, and we are very pleased with the results!”

Bob Goodlatte

  People in the sixth congressional district long ago forgave Bob Goodlatte for changing his mind about leaving congress after his first few years in office. They’ve now given him a 12th term.

The chairman of the house judiciary committee said he wants to keep working to cut spending and rein in the federal government.

We will especially look forward to January and getting a fresh start when the bills won't sit on the Majority Leader's desk in the US Senate – they'll get worked on.”

Goodlatte ended up with about 75 percent of the vote against two other third-party candidates.


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