HD (Digital) Radio

HD Radio™ gives listeners more and better public radio choices because with HD Radio™ you can hear multiple stations on ONE frequency and unlike subscription services, HD Radio™ is FREE. There are no monthly service charges. Frequently Asked Questions about HD Radio™
Which parts of Virginia are you transmitting on HD digital?

What does HD Radio™ mean to me?

There are many advantages to using an HD Radio™ to pick up one of our eight HD digital transmitters.  For instance, some RADIO IQ listeners in the New River Valley find that RADIO IQ's 1260 AM station transmitting from Christiansburg fades out at night and have been asking for an FM repeater for RADIO IQ in their area. But RADIO IQ is already transmitting on FM in the New River Valley. It just happens to be on HD Radio™.  NRV listeners will find RADIO IQ on 89.1 HD digital which carries RADIO IQ on its second program channel (HD2 or 89.1.2). RADIO IQ is also on the second digital HD channel in Marion (91.9.2) and Wise (90.5.) stretching the RADIO IQ program stream farther into Southwestern Virginia.

How is HD Radio™ different from regular radio?

A fundamental benefit of the technology is that noise, interference and fades (multi-path interference) you may have experienced driving around are effectively eliminated. Another key feature, quite a boon for audiophiles, is that the technology is capable of delivering true 5.1 surround sound. Learn more about HD Radio by visiting the iBiquity Digital Corporation website.

How does HD Radio™ work?

HD Radio™ stations transmit a data stream within the same licensed bandwidth used to transmit their analog broadcasts. This data stream contains the programming for the station, data for the receiver display and any additional multicast programming.

What else does HD Radio™ do?

It also creates the ability to divide the digital bandwidth into multiple audio streams, without significant loss of audio quality. Known as multicasting, HD allows us to divide RADIO IQ's and WVTF's audio streams on separate channels. As explained above, that means that RADIO IQ might be available on HD when it is not available in analog broadcast in some areas and vise versa.

Digital radios can also receive and display text and images on small liquid crystal screens. For instance, this feature offers listeners the name of the news program they are listening to or the title, composer and performer information from music selections heard on the air.

How can I hear HD Radio™?

You will need a special HD Radio™ receiver for either your vehicle or home audio system. RADIO IQ and WVTF will remain at their same dial position and you can still hear both stations with your current analog radio. But if you have an HD Radio™ receiver you will hear us in our new digital format.

Where can I purchase an HD Radio™?

HD Radio™ receivers are available at brick and mortar audio retailers and online through Amazon.com among others. Kenwood, JVC and Panasonic are among a few of the major manufacturers with car units. A number of automobile makers offer HD Radio™ in select model cars. And there are some portable models available too including Best Buy's Insignia HD Radio which retails for around $50. Coby makes a component HD receiver that also sells for around $50. Belkin offers an HD "Bluetooth" receiver for around $60.

Who has developed HD Radio™ and who is behind it?

HD Radio™ was developed by iBiquity Digital Corporation. iBiquity Digital is partnered with the nation's leading consumer electronics manufacturers, semiconductor companies, automakers, radio equipment manufacturers and data application and service providers. Some of the nation's largest broadcast groups have an equity stake in iBiquity. Check out their informative website.