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Democrats Delight in GOP Convention Controversies


While this year’s Republican National Convention was a nightmare for some party members, many Democrats were delighted by what they saw – among them, Virginia’s party chair Susan Swecker.

“It has been very interesting every night – yes!," she chuckled. "Y’know these things are usually very tightly scripted, and it has been fascinating night after night to just watch it go off the rails.” 

The Democratic National Convention, which begins in Philadelphia Monday, will likely offer few surprises, but Swecker says the celebrity list is long – from Lena Dunham and Bryan Cranston to Barack Obama and another chief executive.

“The president from Scandal – tony Goldwyn, and he’s actually come and campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Virginia," Swecker said.

Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama will speak Tuesday, along with Virginia’s governor Terry McAuliffe. Wednesday’s star speakers are the president, vice president and former president Bill Clinton. Then Thursday Hillary Clinton will be joined on stage by her daughter Chelsea.

At some point, Secretary Clinton’s choice to be vice president will speak. Swecker hopes that person will be Tim Kaine.

“Y’know he’s served in every facet of government, starting out with city council, mayor of the city of Richmond, lieutenant governor, governor, now United States senator.”  

Supporters add that Kaine is likable, speaks Spanish after a year of missionary work in Honduras, and has never lost an election.