Does Attack Ad Signal Republican Front-Runner?

Apr 29, 2021

For weeks, groups aligned with Republican candidates have been attacking other Republican candidates for governor.

But now Democrats are getting involved.

The Democratic Governors Association’s political action committee is hitting one of the Republican candidates for governor, launching a new website called Two-Sided Snyder.

Quentin Kidd at Christopher Newport University says the attack on Pete Snyder is an indication of where they think the race is headed in advance of the Republican convention on May 8th.  "It says to me that the Democratic Governors Association has done some analysis and has determined that Pete Snyder might be enough people's second choice to be the front runner of the Republican field right now."

David Ramadan at George Mason University's Schar School says the attack could help Snyder by making him look like the front runner while also potentially hurting him with Republican voters. "Part of the attack is working with and getting paid by Democrats in the past and saying flattering words about the Clintons. All of these could hurt him a little bit," Ramadan says.  "So this is a double-edged sword that they're playing."

Republican delegates will be selecting their nominee for governor in an unassembled convention, which will be meeting at dozens of locations across Virginia.

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