Music and Community Come Together at the Floyd County Old Time Music Get Together

Mar 9, 2018


Floyd County, Virginia is known for being a community connected to its rich tradition of old time music.  The Floyd Country Store and Handmade Music School help carry on that tradition through live performances and instruction.

“The thing that I think we’re excited about for the Floyd Get Together is that Floyd really caretakes its old time music, its dancing, the culture of it”

The Floyd Country Store has grown since Dylan Lock and his wife Heather Krantz purchased it in 2014, expanding performances and establishing the Handmade Music School.  

“The community that comes together to experience making music and dance is special. And, so what drives me is that, that energy; the energy of all these people that live here and participate,” says Lock. “But, also the people who are coming from all over the world to witness it because they’ve heard about it and they’re like, ‘What is this thing?’”

“Everything that we’re building out there with the Handmade Music School and at the Floyd Country Store embodies hope and togetherness and community. And this is no different. The Floyd County Old Time Music Get Together is going to be a spectacular weekend of music and dancing and we’ve got some excellent teachers from the states of Virginia and West Virginia.”

We’re listening to two of the instructors for the get together, performing the traditional fiddle tune Yellow Cat.

“We’re very excited about this class Mac Traynham and Andy Buckman. They’re very knowledgeable about the way the tunes were played in Floyd County specifically and I know them, I’m around it all the time and I know how cool it is to hear them talk about the families and the musicians and what life was like,” he explains.

“So it just brings an extra layer of importance to these tunes, which are played all over the country and all over the world.  But, when you start adding that layer of place, you know the importance of how it was getting played in this community, I think that is a fascinating aspect of this camp.”

The Floyd County Old Time Music Get Together is set for March 15th through the 18th at the Floyd Ecovillage.

Dylan Locke says there are plans to broaden the get together as it continues.

“The Handmade Music School is for kids of all ages. Our Floyd Get Together Camp this year is focused on intermediate and advanced level players. As we move into next year and beyond, we look to have beginner programs as well so that everyone can participate in this camp.”

The Floyd Country Store is a financial supporter of RADIO IQ.