Richmond Men Accused in White Supremacist Plot

Nov 12, 2015

In Virginia, two men accused of trying to buy weapons for use in a white supremacist plot were in court today for a preliminary hearing.

Authorities say the FBI foiled a plan, that began with robbing a jewelry store and ended with shooting or bombing black churches and Jewish synagogues.

Robert Doyle and Ronald Chaney III came on the FBI’s radar after an informant tipped them off that the two were part of a group that might be planning violence.

The FBI posed agents as arms dealers, and Doyle and Chaney allegedly tried to buy explosives, an automatic weapon, and a pistol with a silencer.

The two are charged with gun conspiracy. The judge denied bond, saying they posed a threat to the community if released.

A third defendant, Charles D. Halderman, is set to appear Friday on a charge of conspiracy to commit robbery.