A Valentine's Day Gift of Song

Feb 13, 2013

For many, Valentine’s Day is a time to remember a loved one with a special gift. 

This year a Roanoke firefighter decided to surprise his fiancée a little early with a song. 

David Burnett and Tina Rowe are very much in love.  He works at the Crystal Springs Firehouse as a firefighter and she works in the Emergency Room at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital so they try to get together as much as they can with their competing schedules.  The two are engaged but haven’t set a date for the wedding yet.  That might change though after David’s Valentine’s Day gift to Tina one day early.  Four men dressed in identical black tuxedos and white ties walked into the fire station office.


“Hello.  We’re looking for someone named Tina.”

“That would be me.” 

“Is it you?”

“My gosh.”

After presenting a red rose and a card, they burst into song.

The singers are members of the Virginia Gentlemen Harmony Chorus, who have traveled the Roanoke Region for the past 15 years, providing an unusual and unique Valentine’s Day gift.  Dave Davis is a spokesman for the group.

“We have two high school scholarships we give-our chorus gives to two high school students and the profits we make from our Valentines go to fund those two scholarships.”

“I just saw it advertised and though it would be neat.  I was going to do it at the hospital but I didn’t think that was an appropriate place to do it.”

The E. R. nurse was totally caught off guard and after the performance grabbed her fiancée in a bear hug.

“I think she liked it.”

“I think I canna breathe.”

“I will say that he’s the most amazing man in the whole wide world.  And he treats me like a princess.  He loves me with all that he has.  And I am so blessed.  I mean, I am amazingly blessed.”

Meanwhile, the quartet had slipped out the door to share a singing telegram with the next unsuspecting recipient.