Virginia Resident is Guardian of the Flame

Jul 20, 2015


Josh Norris is among the 140 thousand people in Virginia living with an intellectual disability. Since he was a kid, Josh has been a Special Olympics athlete, starting with basketball and eventually finding his greatest pleasure in track and field. He has an impressive running resume, including three marathons, but his greatest challenge is yet to come. 

"Josh will be running with a team of Special Olympics athletes and law enforcement officials throughout California in the final leg of the Law Enforcement Torch Run for They are referred to as Guardians of the Flame, because they will be running with the Flame of Hope for Special Olympics, delivering it to the opening ceremonies," explains Josh's mother, BJ Norris.

Over thirteen days, he and his team will run two-thirds the length of California. They start in Sacramento and pass many milestones along the way, including a trip across the Golden Gate Bridge, eventually ending in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Norris and the rest of Josh’s family will join him halfway through his run so they can attend the Opening Ceremonies together on July 25.