When Photo Albums Connected a Father and Daughter

Jul 1, 2016

Jammie Jones owns a shop in Richmond called Pinup-ish that sells 1950s-inspired women's clothing. Pinup-ish is located in Shockoe Bottom, a part of the city where some businesses have struggled to stay afloat. In this week's segment, Jones shares about the inspiration behind her shop.



Some excerpts from the interview:

“You know, I have a lot of love and respect for my dad, and when we were growing up, some of the times we would visit him, he would pull out the photo albums, and we would look through the pictures in the albums—that was his way of connecting with us because that was a life before us, but it was still something very important to him.”

Jammie Jones | Photo by Michael K. Lease

“My name is Jammie Jones, or Jammie J. I consider myself to be a pinup girl, and for me a pinup girl is someone who is wholly confident in themselves, who—you know, back in the ‘50s, the women had to be beautiful and feel beautiful and let that exude, but they still had to take care of business and work because most of the men were gone. And working could be also volunteering and things like that, but don’t be stagnant or sedentary, always keep your body moving, always do stuff, and you know, help other people, contribute, all the time.”

“My dad is from Richmond, Virginia. The only thing that I knew is he joined the military when he was 17 years old because he wanted to see more of the world. He wanted to expand his horizons, being an African American man in the ‘30s, ‘40, ‘50s—because he was born in 1929.”

“I just love beautiful things, and I remember his flipping through those pages, and just even the candid shots, everyone was just so beautiful.”