Ben Cline

Rog Cogswell / Creative Commons

Last year a bipartisan group in Congress passed a sweeping law to address the opioid crisis. But the opioid epidemic continues to rage in states like Virginia and there’s a new Congress, yet the crisis isn’t talked about much at the Capitol these days.

Some lawmakers in the Commonwealth want that to change.

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The threat of a government shutdown is looming once again over Washington this fall, and that makes Virginia ground zero for the battle once again.

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A recent Supreme Court decision upended how courts view religious freedom, making it possible for corporations to deny certain health services to female employees based on a religious exemption. Now, two Virginia Congressman are now heavily involved in the debate.

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The Trump administration has sent conflicting messages on its plan for oil and gas drilling off Virginia’s coast. But it now seems to be moving ahead with plans to explore the reserves sitting at the bottom of the Atlantic.

That’s music to the ears of the state’s four Republicans in Congress.

Lawmakers in Richmond rejected efforts to raise the minimum wage this year. But now Congress is considering raising the federal minimum wage.

And a Virginia congressman is leading the effort.