Don Beyer

AP Photo / Alex Brandon

Democrats in Virginia are divided about whether to impeach President Trump.

Rog Cogswell / Creative Commons

This month Democrats reached their 100th day controlling the U. S. House of Representatives. But some fissures are starting to show in the party.

Some new lawmakers are starting to show some frustration with life in the nation’s capital.

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With the government shutdown in its second month, the pain is starting to be felt more by federal workers and people who rely on government services. The Commonwealth’s lawmakers remain divided on how to get the government's lights back on.

Rog Cogswell / Creative Commons

About 40% of the U. S. House of Representatives has asked President Trump to rescind his plan for a pay freeze for the federal work force next year and instead give them a pay raise.

Michael Pope

The crisis at the border is still playing out in courtrooms across the country, including many immigration courts here in Virginia.