U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

Lawmakers in Virginia may be on the verge of legalizing marijuana. But, nobody is taking that news to the bank just yet.

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Virginia may be poised to become the first state in the south to legalize recreational use of marijuana. On a phone call with reporters Monday, Governor Ralph Northam expressed full support. “Legalization will happen in Virginia,” Northam said. 

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

The Virginia Senate is about to consider a bill that could dramatically reduce the number of people who are stopped and searched by police officers.

Pot Plank Sparks Protest from some Progressives

Aug 25, 2020

Virginia Congressman Bobby Scott has helped Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden craft the party’s platform on criminal justice and drug policy.

Scott and Biden are getting pushback from progressives on their plan. 

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Wednesday, Virginia will decriminalize marijuana possession. But, that does not mean that enforcement of the law won’t fall disproportionately on Black people.