Southwestern Virginia

Navigating your commute can be stressful enough, but a new study looked at how stress from your day in the workplace affects how you drive on the way home.  

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When big Hurricanes hit, a lot of attention is focused on the moment they make landfall. But Florence is on track to bring a lot of rain inland and that could be a problem for the mountainous regions of Appalachia.

Increasing demand for locally grown food is creating new markets for small farmers.  But boutique growers face challenges that factory farmers don't. And for them, a little help can make a big difference.

Take, for example, a farm in Floyd County that won a cool prize in a competition designed to help niche agriculture-based companies grow. 

The practice of burning toxic munitions waste in the open air at military sites will soon get more scrutiny than ever before. Congress has tasked the Pentagon with examining the practice at more than 60 installations around the country, including the Radford Arsenal in southwestern Virginia.

Like many rural southwestern Virginia counties, Floyd ‘s main industry is agriculture. It’s also home to a mix of creative people who grow or make specialty items for sale.

Now the county is getting behind them with an initiative to help its boutique farmers actually make a living at it.  Adam Fisher won a thousand dollar prize for technical support for his wild food harvesting business called Burgeoning Farms.