Robbie Harris

WVTF/RADIO IQ New River Valley Bureau Chief

Robbie Harris is based in Blacksburg,  covering the New River Valley and southwestern Virginia. 

The former news director of  WBEZ/ Chicago Public Radio and WHYY in Philadelphia, she led award-winning news teams and creative projects.  Early in her career, she was the Humanities Reporter at New Hampshire Public Radio, and also served as a tape editor on Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

Robbie worked at New Jersey Public Television and WCAU/CBS TV in Philadelphia while she pursued  her Master's Degree at the University of Pennsylvania.  During college, she was a Page at Saturday Night Live in New York and a reporter and program host for Cross Country Cable Television in Somerville, NJ.  Robbie also worked at the Rutgers College Radio Station, WRSU and was part of the team which founded "Knight Time Television" at the university.

Eight months into the pandemic, there is still no known medical cure for coronavirus.

But some doctors say there are relatively simple things you can do to lessen the chance of contracting the virus or becoming gravely ill with it if you do. 

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Southwest Virginia is home to one of the most wild and diverse natural areas in the country, the Clinch River Basin.  An upcoming grant funding opportunity hopes to find people who come up with the best ideas to create more 'nature based economic growth.'

Kurt Holtz

Doctor Deborah Birx, from the White House Coronavirus Task Force, has been visiting colleges around the country to see how they’re handling the pandemic.

Peter Means for Virginia Tech

 Many researchers at Virginia Tech are switching gears to focus on fighting coronavirus. 

One project aims to provide early warning that another pandemic might be on the way by analyzing people’s coughs.


Virginia Tech Photo

A performing arts professor at Virginia Tech has created a free, open- sourced music making program designed for these times. It brings physically distant musicians together to jam like there’s no pandemic.