Robbie Harris

WVTF/RADIO IQ New River Valley Bureau Chief

Robbie Harris is based in Blacksburg,  covering the New River Valley and southwestern Virginia. 

The former news director of  WBEZ/ Chicago Public Radio and WHYY in Philadelphia, she led award-winning news teams and creative projects.  Early in her career, she was the Humanities Reporter at New Hampshire Public Radio, and also served as a tape editor on Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

Robbie worked at New Jersey Public Television and WCAU/CBS TV in Philadelphia while she pursued  her Master's Degree at the University of Pennsylvania.  During college, she was a Page at Saturday Night Live in New York and a reporter and program host for Cross Country Cable Television in Somerville, NJ.  Robbie also worked at the Rutgers College Radio Station, WRSU and was part of the team which founded "Knight Time Television" at the university.

An unprecedented interruption in the global supply chain is testing the system mightily. Inventories of everything from vital medical supplies to household staples like toilet paper are in high demand, causing panic up and down the chain. 


 In just a matter of weeks, life as we have known it has dramatically changed with the arrival of COVID-19. And while the requirements to self-isolate or stay away from people is challenging our social fabric, people are finding ways to cope. 

COVID-19 and Pets

Mar 20, 2020


By now, most people are aware of the importance of taking precautions to avoid spreading the Coronavirus to other people.  But what about our pets?

New evidence suggests COVID-19 is transmissible through the air, a finding that contradicts the World Health Organization’s position on the matter. 

Virginia Tech virologist Linsey Marr says the new information suggests preventing the spread of the Coronavirus takes more than just handwashing.

Reporters at Virginia Newspaper are taking a page from other papers in Virginia and around the country. They seeking to unionize their paper, The Roanoke Times.