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A new recording of old time, blues, and bluegrass to be released next week.

50 Years in the Making

Jack Hinshelwood has been making music for many years and has now produced a recording of some of his favorite songs titled ’50 Years in the Making.’

“Fifty years refers to how long these songs have been gathering in my repertoire. Songs that I love and wanted to chance to record them and to be able to do so with some of these artists that I admire so much.”

Artists Hinshelwood has gotten to know over the years through performance and a director of The Crooked Road: Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail. Hinshelwood says ’50 Years in the Making’ was a labor of love.

“At some point you have to say this is about as much as I should bite off and try to chew. This project took two years it’s going to be released in conjunction with the concerts on April 4 and 5.”

Those concerts will feature several of the musicians from the recording.

Monday at the McGlothlin Center at Emory and Henry and Tuesday at the Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech.