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Virginia Women Work It

Stock Photo, Creative Commons

Businesses owned by women in Virginia are actually growing faster than other businesses in the state. That’s according to a new survey released this week.

This is the first survey of its kind for the state. Conducted by Richmond’s chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners, it’s meant to give the organization more information so they can better support female entrepreneurs.

“We will be able to take this and take a look at how do we help women go into business, we’ll be able to take a look at access to capital and how do we change the way we’re doing some things there.”

Lee Brazzell is the president of the group and CEO of her own business consulting company.

“We’ll also be able to take a look at how we can encourage women to stay in business.”

Those who responded to the survey stay have been in business for an average of 12 years.

Brazzell says in addition to seeing that number rise they’d also like to see women represented more in certain industries -- like IT and STEM.

“I’m sure as we begin to drill down into the industries a little bit more we’ll see where there is one percent or two percent when there could be 15 or maybe 20-percent in a particular industry.”

Virginia is 12th in the nation in terms of what percentage of businesses are owned by women.


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