Mallory Noe-Payne

Reporter - Richmond

Mallory Noe-Payne is a national award-winning reporter and producer based in Richmond, Virginia. She's done work for NPR, Marketplace and Public Radio International. 

Although she's a native Virginian, she's also worked for public radio in Boston. There, she helped produce stories about higher education, including a nationally-airing series on the German university system.   In addition to working for WGBH, she's worked at WAMU in Washington D.C. She graduated from Virginia Tech with degrees in Journalism and Political Science. 

For more frequent updates from Richmond, or occasional commentary on rock climbing and vegetable gardening, you can follow Mallory on Twitter @MalloryNoePayne

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1,400 people were in Virginia’s capital city Tuesday for the Women’s Achieve Summit at the Richmond Convention Center. The sold-out event had a celebrity host - Queen Latifah. 

Running an election every year costs more money, that’s the bottom line, but it’s tough to pin down exactly how much more.  

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The latest monument on Capitol Square, in Richmond, is dedicated to women. When construction began two years ago it was the first of its kind at any state capitol in the country.

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Richmond’s Democratic Mayor announced Wednesday plans to introduce two local laws to improve public safety. They’re both measures that didn’t pass in Virginia’s Republican-controlled statehouse. 

Courtesy of ACLU of Virginia

Federal anti-discrimination laws that protect workers often don’t apply to employees of small businesses. But a rarely used Virginia state law does. Now the ACLU of Virginia has taken up a case, in part, to show employees of small businesses that they also have protections.