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What's Next for Embattled Former Governor Bob McDonnell?

Associated Press

Now that embattled former Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife are out of legal jeopardy, what’s next for the man who was once a rising star in Republican politics? 

The former governor is calling on old friends to help with legal bills, an account known as the Restoration Fund. The list of contributors reads like a campaign war chest, with money from industry insiders and party leaders. They’re being asked to help to finance the legal vindication. But what happens now in the court of public opinion? 

“The jurors were very clear that they viewed what McDonnell did as a violation."

That’s Stephen Farnsworth at the University of Mary Washington.

“Surveys of Virginians conducted by Mary Washington and other universities show that most Virginians felt that the original jury verdict was the correct one."

So what’s next for Bob McDonnell, a man that was once on the short list as a VP candidate in 2012? Virginia legal expert Rich Kelsey says he expects to see an evolving comeback strategy. 

“My guess is that he’s going to do something lower profile and closer to pro-bono or community related work with his legal skills as sort of a rehabilitation process."

Of course the McDonnell’s will ultimately have to live with a Supreme Court opinion, one in which the chief justice of the United States said the luxury gifts and low-interest loans from a wealthy benefactor was “distasteful” and ultimately “tawdry."

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