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Governor McAuliffe Rails on Trump Budget, Calls Chesapeake Bay Cuts the 'Dumbest'

Manuel Balce Ceneta


Virginia’s lawmakers will be in Richmond next week to put the final touches on the state’s budget. As Mallory Noe-Payne reports, there are some last minute disagreements on money between Republicans and Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe.


One minor point of contention is a blowout celebration at Jamestown scheduled for the 400th anniversary of Virginia’s legislature. Lawmakers have allocated $10 million to the events, but Governor Terry McAuliffe thinks they can get by with half that amount. 


He suggests the extra $5 million as a cushion against looming federal cuts, based on President Trump’s proposed budget. 


“That’s my big concern, is sequestration. I’m concerned about his budget and the cuts to literally every Department and Agency we have here in Virginia,” said McAuliffe. 


Extra Audio: Hear McAuliffe on President Trump's proposed cuts to the Chesapeake Bay program.

McAuliffe took a moment at his press conference to rail against President Donald Trump’s proposed federal budget, and what cuts could mean for Virginia. 

He focused on things like eliminating all $73 million of the Chesapeake Bay Program.


“For the people who fish it, who visit it, and who live on it, this is a gigantic economic asset," McAuliffe said. "(President Trump) has cut all the funding for the Chesapeake Bay. That has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.”


On the state level, McAuliffe is also pushing to restore a few other budgetary items that lawmakers had removed; including a million dollars for developing solar power, and half a million for cybersecurity scholarships. 

Lawmakers meet next week to work out the differences. 


You can see all 27 of McAuliffe's proposed amendments here

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