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Corey Stewart Denounces His Opponents, Not White Nationalist Rally



This weekend an alt-right group, widely associated with white nationalism, marched to a Confederate statue in Charlottesville -- carrying torches and chanting. 


The rally made national headlines and now Virginia’s candidates in the upcoming race for governor are weighing in. 


Tom Perriello, a Democrat and former Congressman running to be Virginia’s next Governor, is from Charlottesville. Monday, standing in front of the Robert E. Lee statue that’s caused so much controversy, he proposed creating a commission on racial healing.


“One that addresses seriously how we tell the story of our past and how we ensure that our present reflects the true promise of justice liberty and equality for all,” he said in a video posted online. 

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Perriello isn’t alone in denouncing this weekend’s events. Democrat Ralph Northam has done so, as have Republicans Ed Gillespie and Frank Wagner. 


In a tweet, Northam said “there is no place for hate, fear, or intimidation in Virginia.” 


Gillespie also commented in a tweet, saying “The ugly display of divisive rhetoric and intimidation tactics in Charlottesville yesterday does not reflect the thoughtfulness and tolerance I see in my fellow Virginians everywhere I go.” 


But the race’s third Republican -- Corey Stewart -- made a show Monday of not condemning the rally, opting instead to focus his disapproval elsewhere. 


“I denounce hypocrites, like Ralph Northamand Tom Perriello, who refuse to acknowledge the long history of racism within the Democratic Party,” said Stewart. 


He used Facebook live for a speech he called “It’s Time to Denounce.” 


He denounced sanctuary cities, weak establishment Republicans, and the Washington Post -- which he called fake news. He said nothing about this weekend’s events. 



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