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Two Weeks after Vegas, NRA Begins Airing Ads in Virginia



Almost exactly two weeks after the deadly Las Vegas shooting, ads from the National Rifle Assocation have hit Virginia’s airwaves.

According to information from the Virginia Public Access Project, the NRA is spending more than $750,000 on commercials that could run up through Election Day.


The group supports the full slate of Republican candidates including John Adams for Attorney General, Jill Vogel for Lieutenant Governor, and Ed Gillespie for Governor.


Reports from a firm that tracks ad buys suggested the commercials were supposed to start earlier in October but were postponed. An NRA spokeswoman wouldn’t confirm that, saying the organization doesn’t disclose details of their advertising.

Following Las Vegas, Gillespie said he did back restrictions on bump stock, the accessory that allows a gun to shoot like an automatic rifle and was believed to be used by the shooter in Las Vegas.

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