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With Broad Democratic Primary Field, General Assembly Support is Scattered Across the Field

AP Photo/Steve Helber

Super Tuesday is a few weeks away.

Democrats in the General Assembly are divided about which candidate they’ll be supporting this year.

There’s really no front runner among Democrats, and General Assembly lawmakers have made endorsements that are all over the map with new ones trickling out every day. Several have endorsed Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren.

Lee Carter is a Democrat from Manassas who considers himself a socialist, and he’s supporting Bernie Sanders. He says the socialist label won’t be any more of a problem for Sanders than anybody else. “I’ve always just sort of assumed that if you are to the left of Barry Goldwater they’re going to call you Joseph Stalin anyway.”

Delegate Alfonso Lopez was one of the group of lawmakers that endorsed Joe Biden early in the process.  “I was lucky enough to work in the Obama administration, and I’ve seen the empathy and the kindness that Joe Biden exhibits even when it’s not the easy path.”

Freshman Delegate Nancy Guy waited until after Iowa, then decided that Biden’s campaign was unraveling. So now she’s supporting Michael Bloomberg.  “I think his positions as what we like to call a pragmatic progressive align well with the majority of Virginia Democrats.”

Virginia is one of 14 states holding primaries on March 3, also known as Super Tuesday.

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Michael Pope is an author and journalist who lives in Old Town Alexandria.