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A Timeline of a Month of Protests in Richmond

AP Photo/Steve Helber

For a month straight, protests against racism and police use of force rocked Richmond.

These are some of the key dates, including documented instances police used tear gas and pepper spray. For purposes of this timeline, events are associated with the date the protests began, even if events carry over into the early morning hours of the next day.

May 29 - First night of protests. Hundreds of demonstrators march through the city. Some protestors vandalize businesses along Broad Street, and a city bus is set on fire. 

May 30 - Second night of protests. Demonstrators tagged the Daughters of Confederacy headquarters in Richmond, and lit the building on fire. Police deployed chemicals against protestors.

May 31 - First night of 8 p.m. curfew in the city. Police arrested more than 200 people, often rounding them up in groups. Police deployed chemicals against protestors and press

June 1 - After dozens were arrested the night before, and on the second night of curfew, police launched chemicals at a group of protestors standing around the Lee Monument. This was before curfew even began.  

June 2 - Protesters challenge mayor and police chief at city hall, Mayor Stoney marches with protesters. He promises action on several of their demands including the creation of a 'Marcus Alert' and Civilian Review Board.

June 4 - In response to protests, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announces the statue of Robert E. Lee will come down. 

June 6 - For several nights, protestors demonstrate without incident. They pull down their first Confederate monument - Williams Wickham in Monroe Park. 

June 9 - Christopher Columbus monument pulled down.

June 10 - Jefferson Davis monument pulled down.

June 13 - Large '5,000 Man March' takes place during the day. Richmond Police vehicle drives through protesters at night. 

June 14 - Protestors and police stand offoutside Richmond police headquarters. Police deploy chemical agents against protestors. 

June 15 - For a second night, protestors and police stand off outside Richmond police headquarters. Police deploy chemical agentsagainst protestors.

June 16 - Richmond Police Chief resigns during the day. At night protestors enter the Mayor's apartment building, and pull down another Confederate monument on VCU's campus. 

June 19 - People gather for Juneteenth celebrations at the Lee Monument. 

June 20 - Police arrest and then release a man found with a handgun on top of a building overlooking the Lee Monument. He's an airport police officer. 

June 21 - Police deploy chemical agents against protestors, including at a reporter for VCU's paper The Commonwealth Times. The student paper has hadreporters on the ground almost every night.

June 22 - Police deploy chemical agents against protestors. 

June 26 - Richmond police officer hit by paintball. Police deploy chemical agents against protestors. 

July 1 - Protestors took their fight to the courthouse, demonstrating against the resumption of evictions in the city. Sheriff's deputies deployed chemical agents and made several arrests. At the same time the city began removing statues on Monument Avenue, beginning with Stonewall Jackson.