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General Assembly Considers Allowing Sunday Voting

Mallory Noe-Payne/Radio IQ

Democrats are taking a number of steps to make voting more accessible.  That includes a bill to allow voting on Sundays.

Many church groups across Virginia would like to take their souls to the polls, which is why senators are now considering a House bill that would allow voting on Sundays. The bill would allow Sunday voting, not require it. 

That uncertainty is cause for concern from Allison Robbins of the Voter Registrars Association.  "We have concerns about the potential for voter confusion if some localities offer Sunday voting while other localities don't."

During a committee hearing on the bill, Senator Adam Ebbin, a Democrat from Alexandria, asked Robbins a question. "What do you do if there's confusion about differing hours on Saturdays in different localities? Has that been a serious problem?"

Robbins said it's a similar issue.  "We have those same concerns about the differing voting hours and the offering of additional Saturdays," she said.

The committee approved the bill, sending it to the Senate floor.

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