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Bissell: Vaccinating College Students Remains a Big Hurdle


As of Monday, the New River Health District has administered nearly 87,000 COVID-19 vaccines.And while the district will be opening eligibility for a shot to the general public in the coming weeks, Dr. Noelle Bissell says supply is still an issue.

One particularly challenging hurdle is getting the region’s college students vaccinated.

“To quite honestly vaccinate all of the college students in my district would take a supply that is many times what I normally get in one week,” she said during a virtual call with reporters Monday.

Bissell says the district is ready to handle larger-scale events once more vaccine doses become available.

Thankfully, the district is not currently seeing spikes in cases like other parts of the country have recently. Nevertheless, Bissell stressed the continued need for following the tried and true guidelines: wearing a mask, avoiding large crowds and keeping at least six feet away from others.