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Governor Glenn Youngkin garners highest favorability rating in new Roanoke College poll

Glenn Youngkin
Steve Helber
FILE - Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin works in the old Governor's office at the Capitol Wednesday March 2, 2022, in Richmond, Va

Virginia's governor is enjoying some of his best poll numbers ever.

Governor Glenn Youngkin's job approval is at 57%. And his unfavorability rating is at 35% according to a new poll from Roanoke College. These are the best numbers the governor has ever seen in this poll.

"It's likely to be explained by a sort of Virginia effect," says Bryan Parsons, senior political analyst at Roanoke College.

He says the poll results show an interesting trend for the upcoming presidential election. They show that Virginia voters prefer Joe Biden to Donald Trump. But, they also show that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would beat Biden in Virginia. And it showed that in a hypothetical matchup, Youngkin would beat Biden in Virginia 55% to 39%.

"His approval numbers are up. His favorability is up. Approval for the General Assembly’s up," Parsons says. "Optimism about the way things are going in Virginia is up, and so that's certainly having an impact on how that hypothetical matchup with President Biden plays out."

Virginia voters may think highly of Glenn Youngkin and his job in office, but that does not mean that they want him to run for president. Even most Republicans in this poll say they do not want Youngkin to be a candidate for president next year.

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Updated: March 2, 2023 at 4:26 PM EST
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Michael Pope is an author and journalist who lives in Old Town Alexandria.