Cville Billboard Urges Monumental Change

Sep 5, 2018

A new billboard has gone up in near the busy intersection of Route 250 and High Street in Charlottesville, rekindling the debate over what should be done with statues of two confederate generals.

A new billboard near the corner of High Street and 250 calls on Charlottesville to remove confederate monuments.

The billboard reads “Monumental Change Is Needed.”  Lisa Woolfork, with the Make It Right Project, explains that the statues went up in the 1920’s – signifying racism was alive and well in the South.

“The Lee Monument, for example was designed to designate that park as a park for white people, and we don’t need to have these markers of Jim Crow and segregation today, because our society is  trying to advance beyond that.”

She criticized those who are fighting to keep the statues in place, calling them “bowtie biggots,” and is asking the courts and General Assembly to support local efforts to remove the monuments.