High Stress Interviews for Would-Be Cville Manager

Mar 13, 2019

Job interviews can be stressful, but Charlottesville took that process to a new level this week – putting finalists for city manager on stage to answer questions before an audience of about a hundred residents. 

Powhatan County Administrator Ted Voorhees speaks with a resident following a job interview before more than 100 people.

While the public in Charlottesville can be loud and combative during city council meetings, a crowd at the Jefferson School was polite and restrained as members of council questioned three men.  Mike Mallinoff, former manager of Annapolis, Tarron Richardson manager of DeSoto, Texas – a sizable suburb of Dallas and Ted Voorhees, manager of Powhatan County admitted the process was unusual but not unpleasant.

“When you’re working for a government, sometimes you do these kinds of things, but in an interview process this was a first,” said Mallinoff.

Tarron Richardson (left) manages a large suburb outside of Dallas.

“Being a city manager, you’re always in the spotlight, so you always have to be prepared,” Richardson added.  

“A city manager job is a high stress job,” Vorhees agreed. “It’s very public, and if you can’t put up with a little stress under the lights you probably should be in a  different line of work.”

Mike Mallinoff is former manager of Annapolis, Maryland.

The applicants fielded questions about transparency, policing, economic development and racial healing, then mingled informally with residents. City council hopes to make a decision by the end of the month.