Lawmakers Weigh Parental Oversight of Anti-Bullying Material

Feb 18, 2019

Should parents to able to veto some materials used in public schools when bullying or suicide prevention is on the agenda?

Republican Senator Siobhan Dunnavant of Henrico County says parents should be able to block their child from being exposed to graphic or violent material when public schools are teaching about bullying or suicide prevention.

“There was a particular incident where several children were very upset and there was an inappropriate choice of very graphic video material by the teacher, and parents need to have a say in what their children are exposed to.”

Hold on a second says Senator Jeremy McPike, a Democrat from Prince William County.

“This puts into a scenario where the abuser can block their child from receiving potentially life-saving information. I’d urge the body to really think about this and pump the brakes.”

The bill has passed the House and Senate, which means it’s headed to the governor’s desk.

This report, provided by Virginia Public Radio, was made possible with support from the Virginia Education Association.