Suffolk Delegate Arrested on Cruelty, Injury Charges

Sep 23, 2016

A Virginia lawmaker known for his extreme opposition to abortion has been charged with cruelty and injury to children.  Richard Lee Morris of Suffolk was arrested earlier this week.

Earlier this year, Republican Richard Lee Morris of Suffolk made headlines when he stood to address the House of Delegates, comparing abortion to slavery.

“The murder of our unborn children is our national sin.  Since 1971, 55 million lives have been destroyed.  At the president’s state of the union address, he had an empty chair for all those victims of gun violence, but where was the empty chair for those 55 million babies that were murdered.”

Now, Morris is charged with abusing members of his family. Diana Klink speaks for the police department in Suffolk.  Because the department tries to protect victims of domestic violence, she would not say how Morris was related to the alleged victims.

“Richard Lee Morris, age 47 of Suffolk, was arrested on the evening of September 20th, 2016 on two misdemeanor counts of assault and battery of a family member and one felony count of cruelty and injury to children.”

His arrest on Tuesday apparently stemmed from punishment administered last week.

“The victim was assaulted by the listed offender on September 16, 2016 and sustained injuries consistent with excessive physical discipline.”

Delegate Richard Morris was arrested earlier this week.
Credit Suffolk Police Department

And the misdemeanors involved a fight that occurred just before Christmas.

“The adult female victim, a family member, was assaulted by the listed offender on December 23, 2015 when a verbal altercation escalated and became physical.  The victim suffered injuries as a result and sought medical treatment.”

Morris, who is the father of nine children, was released from the Tidewater Regional Jail at 1 a.m. Wednesday after posting a $1,500 bond.