Tips on How to, Safely, Get Outside During a Pandemic

May 22, 2020


Holiday Lake State Park in Appomattox.
Credit Virginia State Parks


This weekend many campgrounds in Virginia’s state parks reopen. Over the past two months, day use in the park system has actually increased. We have some tips on how to stay safe and healthy outdoors. 


Dave Neudeck with the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation says campgrounds are well booked for the holiday weekend, and they’re expecting plenty of visitors to the parks. 

“If we’re all considerate of each other and respectful, we...can have a really good safe time,” he says. That means giving people space on trails and being flexible with your plans. Some parks have gotten full and had to turn folks away. 

Check the website before you go. Details from Virginia State Parks here. 

Officials recommend you check park maps before you go and maybe opt for a less-trafficked area, especially if you’re out with kids. Neudeck has a few suggestions for places that generally see less visitation, but still have great trails.

They include Holiday Lake State Park, Bear Creek Lake State Park and Powhatan State Park. The entire park system has 38 options, and more than 20 of those now have campgrounds that are taking reservations

Another option is, if you have a flexible schedule, to try to make time to visit or camp on a weekday rather than a weekend. 


 This report, provided by Virginia Public Radio, was made possible with support from the Virginia Education Association.