Alan Graf

Statues set in stone signify a sense of eternity.  But that view is changing rapidly as recent events demonstrate. A Virginia Tech sociologist has been exploring how people in communities with Confederate statues relate to them today.

Charlottesville Votes to Remove Lee Statue and Rename Park

Feb 8, 2017
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Charlottesville City Council has voted to remove a statue of Civil War general Robert E. Lee and rename Lee Park. After months of contentious debate, council has given city officials two months to figure out how to move the monument. 

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Members of the General Assembly are preparing for the upcoming session, and a number of key issues are emerging. But there’s one issue that’s not expected to be part of the discussion.

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The debate over the Confederate flag is still raging in Washington, where elected officials are clashing over where and when it’s appropriate to display the Confederate flag.

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Does Virginia law prohibit a city from altering a war memorial? Now what if that memorial is to the Civil War, and features a Confederate flag?