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A growing number of House Democrats have now joined the chorus calling to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

But most Virginia Democrats aren’t singing the same tune. 

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The Trump administration has sent conflicting messages on its plan for oil and gas drilling off Virginia’s coast. But it now seems to be moving ahead with plans to explore the reserves sitting at the bottom of the Atlantic.

That’s music to the ears of the state’s four Republicans in Congress.

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One of the first things Democrats did after taking control of the House of Representatives was to create a new Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.

The committee has Virginia Congressmen on opposite sides of a debate over coal.

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This month Democrats reached their 100th day controlling the U. S. House of Representatives. But some fissures are starting to show in the party.

Some new lawmakers are starting to show some frustration with life in the nation’s capital.

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The Democratic Party seems to be moving to the left with most of its high-profile presidential candidates embracing proposals like Medicare for All.

But Virginia Democrats are resisting the trend.