Criminal Justice System

Is justice equal for youth offenders who find themselves caught up in the court system?  A new report that calls attention to some disparities in the system.

Tim Wright

In Virginia, about 4,000 inmates are vets.  Providing medical care for them is expensive, but the state refuses to take prisoners to VA hospitals where they’re eligible for free treatment, and it doesn’t take them to physical exams required to collect the benefits they’re entitled to.

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Virginia does a thorough job of inspecting local and regional jails and investigating deaths inside those facilities.

But a state review finds better coordination could improve oversight of the jail system.

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At Virginia’s state house, lobbyists are everywhere. They meet with lawmakers, help draft bills, and testify in committees.

But one day this week there was a surprising group of lobbyists: teenagers. And they’ve successfully convinced lawmakers to close one of the state’s juvenile prisons.

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Jails across Virginia are becoming de facto mental institutions as more and more inmates arrive every day with serious mental illness. And, lawmakers are hoping better treatment in jail might free up psychiatric beds for those not caught up in the criminal justice system.