Department of Motor Vehicles

In light of months-long wait times to get access to an in-person appointment at Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles, state officials are encouraging those who are allowed to use a new online license renewal option.

Before the pandemic, the Department of Motor Vehicles was the poster child for a slow-moving bureaucracy.

OPN-MND on the Road & Beyond

Dec 31, 2018
Dan Owens

The commonwealth of Virginia is number one in the nation in vanity license plates. You know, those sometimes cryptic, often funny but always intriguing, 7 -character mobile messages to the world, you see on the cars ahead of you? Robbie Harris caught up with a guy whose license plate she’d seen, while driving around Blacksburg and she asked him about why he chose his. 

Dan Owen is a Realtor in Roanoke who lives in Blacksburg. And there’s probably no one who was more into it, when Virginia first offered those now ubiquitous, personalized plates.