General Assembly 2019

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Governor Ralph Northam is proposing a five-percent pay raise for teachers. It’s just one among a list of education priorities the Governor will present to lawmakers next week.

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Lawmakers are about to assemble in Richmond for the next session of the General Assembly. But, many of them are already thinking ahead to the next election.

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Gun control is expected to be a major flashpoint in the upcoming session of the Virginia General Assembly, and lawmakers are preparing a long list of potential new laws.

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Donna Grunski remembers standing in the snow, holding a candle.

“There’s a walkway between the General Assembly building and the capitol,” she recalls. “And we stood and silently vigiled.”  

One of the issues that became a campaign theme this year was protection for people who have preexisting medical conditions.

Members of the General Assembly are about to consider a state change that could have significant consequences.