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Virginia officials announced Thursday that Medicaid Expansion is a go, and newly eligible populations will be able to sign up during this year’s open enrollment. That comes after federal officials gave the state approval last week.


You might not expect a professor of engineering to report advances in medicine, but at the University of Virginia that’s what’s happening.  Daniel Quinn might revolutionize care for people with asthma.

University of Virginia

For some Americans, salt can be deadly.  Their bodies store too much of it, putting them at increased risk for serious medical problems.  At the University of Virginia scientists are working on ways to test for salt sensitivity.

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More than 120,000 people from Mexico and Latin America live here in Virginia without legal documents. That makes it hard for them to get affordable healthcare.

Medical students and faculty at the University of Virginia are stepping up to help.

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Parents have all heard the advice: you’re not supposed to sleep with your newborn baby. According to the CDC, in 2015, an estimated 900 infants died from preventable sleep-related accidents.

Now, Virginia is kicking off a safe sleep initiative, beginning with a unique practice that began in Finland: baby boxes.