In Southwestern Virginia, many people can trace their roots back to before America got its independence.  Appalachian culture prevails to this day, so, when a Jewish professor of creative writing moved here to teach at Virginia Tech, she found a cultural landscape very different from where she grew up. Erika Meitner’s award-winning new book of poetry explores her new home from an outsider’s perspective, something that runs deep in her own family.

Transforming Rage into Art

Nov 9, 2017

This is not the first time immigration to the United States has been a divisive issue. In the run- up to World War Two, Hitler outlined his plan to rid the world of Jews. As a result, many were desperate to emigrate to this country. But they were not always allowed in.    Millions of them died in concentration camps, but some, who were fortunate enough to find their way here, went on to tell their stories.