Jens Soering

A man who’s spent more than 30 years behind bars for a double murder he says he did not commit has a powerful new ally today.  Albemarle County Sheriff Chip Harding says he’s spent more than 200 hours studying the case, and he believes Soering is innocent.  He’s explained his thinking in a 19-page letter to Governor Terry McAuliffe who, to date, has refused to pardon Soering. 

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Virginia’s parole board held hearing number twelve yesterday for Jens Soering, a former UVA honors student from Germany who was convicted of killing his girlfriend’s parents in 1985.  Soering’s conviction was based in part on a finding of type O blood at the crime scene, but DNA testing now shows the type O blood came from another man, and Soering’s lawyer shared the new genetic evidence with the parole board.

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Under pressure from Governor Terry McAuliffe, Virginia’s parole board has doubled its release rate – freeing six percent of eligible inmates in 2016, up from three percent last year.  Tomorrow, the board will consider an especially controversial case – that of a convicted killer who’s been behind bars here for 26 years.  

Criminal Investigator Says Soering Is Innocent

Oct 11, 2016
Steve Helber / AP

It’s been six weeks since convicted killer Jens Soering asked Virginia’s governor for a pardon based on new evidence.  Soering has been behind bars for more than 30 years in connection with the bloody murders of his girlfriend’s parents.  

Now, in a story exclusive to RadioIQ and NBC 12 in Richmond, a former detective who spent six months on the case says he’s convinced Soering is innocent.  

McAuliffe May Approve Transfer of German Convict

Nov 21, 2015
Jens Soering

Virginia’s parole  board has, again, refused to release a German man who’s been locked up in state prisons for nearly 30 years.  Jens Soering was convicted of killing his girlfriend’s parents while he and Elizabeth Haysom were students at the University of Virginia.   He maintains he is innocent, and supporters are asking Governor Terry McAuliffe to send Soering back to Germany.  Sandy Hausman has details.