Republican Primary

A polling place in Richmond on June 8, 2021.
Jahd Khalil / Radio IQ

In a year with a record amount of primary challenges, five current Delegates lost the nomination to run for their current seats.

Jahd Khalil

Seven people hoping to be the Republican nominee for governor are making their final cases to delegates ahead of an unassembled convention on Saturday.

Republicans are preparing to select their statewide candidates in a May 8th convention. And, they'll be using a new method of selecting winners.

Republican Party of Virginia

Republicans across Virginia will head to the polls Tuesday to select a candidate to go up against Senator Mark Warner. Michael Pope has this preview.

Primary Decision Goes Against Republican Tradition

Jun 28, 2017

Republicans are moving away from their longtime use of conventions to select their statewide candidates. Party leaders recently chose a statewide primary rather than a convention to select their candidate to run against incumbent Democratic Senator Tim Kaine.